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How To Use Pod With Fender Jazz King Effects Loop

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I am a jazz guitarist and have historically preferred no effects.  I have obtained my desired tone with my ES-175 connected directly to a Fender Jazz King; nothing more. 


HOWEVER, I am now playing with a more progressive band who does more fusion and smooth jazz (yes I AM selling out but making more cash than I ever have).   I have discovered that with the POD I can produce tones that blend very well with the keyboards and sound very complimentary to the horns and overall tone of the band.  I have been plugging directly into the PA which has worked fine.  In addition, I will, several times a night UNPLUG from the POD and go straight through my Fender Jazz King which is mic'd (particularly when playing standards and straight ahead jazz or when I am lead instrument in a particular tune). 


MY GOAL is to avoid the plugging/unplugging and the corresponding pops/cracks etc.  It is my understanding that I can send my POD through the Jazz King effects loop and with a simple stomp on the Jazz King pedal switch back and forth between "Amp only" and "POD" (thereby avoiding delays on stage and the horrible snap, crackle and pop. 


Due to 20+ years of little to no effects pedal experience I admit I am somewhat ignorant and not sure how to make this happen.  I know the simple answer is to just use one of the clean simulations on the POD, but there doesn't seem to be anything that comes close to replicating the tones I get when I play straight through the amp. 

DOES ANYONE have instructions, diagrams or any other advice on how to plug my POD directly through the effects loop?  I am particularly interested in some step by step or dumbed down directions.


Much appreciated!

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If you want to use the PODxt for effects only connect it to the Jazz King effects loop.


Guitar>>Front of AMP>>Effects Send>>PODxt Input>>PODxt Left (mono) Out>>Effects Return.


When building your patches in the PODxt do not use any amps models.


This will give the Jazz King's preamp color then go through the PODxt's effect before hitting power amp.

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