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Unprocessed Tracks/Songs

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Hey I was wondering if anyone knows of a place or has any mp3s or wavs of guitar tracks that are unprocessed and have no effects on them. The purpose of this is to set up a recording session where i can try out different tones from pod farm on the different tracks to see how they compliment each other or sound in a mix. i would just record some simple stuff myself but i do not play any instruments i only record and im also away from my studio so i dont have my interface box with me so i couldnt record anything even if i could play something. so any information on this subject would be great. ideally id like a full part of a song on separate tracks i.e. drums, two separate guitar parts, and bass, but if there were a place to find even just one unprocessed guitar track thatd be great 

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i looked there. there wasnt much to offer for someone looking to just toy around. there also wasnt too much in the metal department and most everything already had effects on it. but thanks it was a good lead and ill probably use them in the future. it looks like a good place for support

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