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L3t with Electric Guitar

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I am looking for a dual solution.


A powered speaker to be with with both acoustic guitar and electric. (I have tried the L3T with acoustic and loved it).


My question is this?


How does the L3T function/sound with an electric guitar using traditional pedals? 

That is, I will not be using a POD. My thought is to use n Eventide H9 and two pedals, a volume and a wah.


Any help would be great as I really don't want to order one, try it out and then have to return it.


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What mode were you using when you loved it with the acoustic?  I suspect you may not love the sound of your electric  guitar when run in the acoustic mode.  It will be a lot like running an electric guitar into an acoustic guitar amp.

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If you switch to electric guitar mode when using your electric, you may find a pleasing sound.  Although, keep in mind that you aren't running a pre-amp, so you lose a little bit of "electric" guitar sound as far as frequencies - since electric guitar amps and speakers have their own EQ curve.  What I'm saying is that you may need to use a graphic eq pedal instead of the on board 3 band EQ - as well as use a pedal for mild overdrive tones - the electric guitar mode emulates a 2x12 guitar speaker cab, but doesn't add/offer anything for tone shaping and OD...  Any type of guitar modeling pedal (doesn't have to be a POD) will work equally well...


Hope that helps.



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