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Vyzex Floor POD Plus won't receive the banks from the Floor Pod Plus

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When I open Vyzex Floor POD Plus it sends an error that says : AutoSense could not find the Line 6 Floor POD Plus. And when i try to manually set up my MIDI Interface cable it starts to receive the Line 6 Floor POD Plus Channel, but it stops when it reaches 70-80 bytes. I try to make some loops to receive more bytes, but it moves to receiving the banks. And there i have the same problem. It receives to maximum 120 bytes and when i make the loops it sends a message : ERROR! SysX data is missing bytes! After i click on cancel to proceed to the editor it goes crazy and goes randomly from bank to bank and it won't let me control it. I am using this cable : post-1981480-0-65987300-1403600981_thumb.jpg .
Please help!

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Its the midi cable cable 9/10. The cheapo chinese ones usually do not reliably work. Try the MAudio Uno midi/usb cable. If you do a forum search you will find lots of problems with midi/usb cables, with the common fault being the cheap ones.



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Well if you "are sure" the cable is fine ;-)


Here are some Pod posts that go over similar problems with the midi/usb thing:


Go ahead and read those. You will have to check how the cables are connected in->out and out->in. See if your OS is seeing the cables because if Vyzex isn't then it could be a config issue either in the program or your computer. Didn't Vyzex have a pretty decent help file?


Honestly I am not the patron saint of MAudio but they have solved similar issues like yours.


Good Luck!


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