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LINE 6 Sighting!!!

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Went to see STRYPER in concert here on Saturday, and lo' and behold Line 6 was everywhere! First pic is Timothy Gaines' bass rig with Line 6 bass cabs complete with stripes! The next one has Oz Fox' using four 4x12 Line 6 cabs with V30's! Michael Sweet was using the two 4x12 Mesa cabs. Then I saw an HD500 on the ground! Were they using it for effects only? Not sure who was using it, but great sound and an awesome show!! I highly recommend catching this one if you can! Michael Sweet is one of the most underrated guitarists out there on top of hitting all of the notes vocally on all of the songs! They also did some covers, Aint Talkin Bout Love, Carry On My Wayward Son and Shout It Out Loud by KISS! Just thought you guys would like this one!


cgtrox  B) 




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Nice.  I saw them in the late 80's in San Antonio.  Great concert.  I'll have to see where they're playing.

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