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Floor Pod Plus - Onboard Tuner is 4Hz Flat

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Hey guys,

My name is Cameron Landers. I am a music producer from California. I compose original music for TV, film scores, commercials, etc. and a lot of the music I produce is guitar-centric. I have a new Floor Pod Plus, which I bought to be able to quickly dial in certain well-recognized guitar and amp tones for some of the types of cue tracks that I create, as well as for backing tracks I produce for live shows. I've used its predecessors on stage, and I like the great emulation engine and flexibility.


I have an unusual issue to share with my new Floor Pod Plus. I have tested the on-board tuner with several of my freshly-intonated guitars, both acoustic and electric, and against several other known-good tuners, as well as known-good pianos and synths, all of which are set to A=440Hz. The guitars are all at standard tuning.


When I tune a guitar on my Floor Pod Plus, I noticed it's flat to other instuments.


So I grabbed some dedicated tuners and they all showed the same thing: my guitar was tuned flat.


Comparing against real pianos and software synth plug-ins in my DAWs - all match each other fine, but the Floor Pod Plus tunes my guitar flat to them. And when I tune my guitars with other tuners, they match the pianos and synths just fine.


So it is obvious that the Floor Pod Plus tuner is tuning flat. But I wanted to know how flat. Fortunately I discovered that the Floor Pod Plus on-board tuner does have an adjustment feature. I wasn't expecting that, but was glad to see it at this point.


So I adjusted the Floor Pod Plus tuner upward in 1Hz increments (441, 442, 443, etc.) and kept retuning the guitar at each setting until I could get the guitar to match my other instruments and tuners.


At the end that process, I determined that when the on-board tuner is adjusted to A=444Hz, it tunes my guitar exactly right with the other instruments and tuners.


So the Floor Pod Plus on-board tuner is tuning guitars approximately 4Hz flat, when set at A=440Hz. I say approximately 4Hz, only because the Floor Pod Plus is the only thing saying it's at 444Hz when it tunes correctly - I don't have any other tools to measure whether or not each of the adjustment increments on the on-board tuner actually produces a 1Hz increase or not. I just know it takes a setting of 444Hz to tune the guitar correctly.


I'd like to know if anyone else is having this problem?


It's not a huge deal-- at least not if it doesn't get any WORSE. I can just leave it set to 444Hz. But if it DOES get worse, then it may become unacceptable, since the Floor Pod Plus only adjusts upward a maximum of 5Hz.


It may be just luck that 444Hz happens to render correct tuning in my case. Given that it's incorrect, presumably a true 440Hz tuning might just as easily have fallen between two of the adjustment settings, or even beyond the 445Hz maximum setting. So I count myself lucky.


I'm wondering if if this a known issue, or if maybe others have purchased units that exhibit this issue - and if so, if yours is off by 4Hz or some other amount.


I'd be interested in any comments or solutions. It's really handy to have the on-board tuner when working with the Floor Pod Plus, so I don't have to juggle another tuner into the chain. But it would be nice if it was correct... :)







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