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Best Amp For Podxt Live

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I had my amp in my car which was blown away in the May 20th tornado so I'm starting from scratch. I hope this makes sense, I have read that when using your PODxt Live through an amp you get the amps tone a little bit and that you can adjust the amps EQ setting to make it so the amps tone doesn't show as much. Is there a Line 6 amp or any other brand of amp or speaker cab that you can just have the PODxt Live's tone be 100% pure?

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i'm very sorry you guys over there have to go through mother natures wrath. i can't imagine being in it. seeing this on tv is scary. forgive me for asking, is that the tornado a mile wide with 200 mph winds?



i think there is no best amp, only one that you like. however, when running the xtl through an amp with an fx loop, effectively bypasses the preamp section, letting the xtl operate as the amps pre. so pick one with an fx loop. or you could look at a power amp only and cabinet. all depends on how fat your wallet is.


p.s. do you already have an xtl? if not, you should look into the hd500. along with the line6 dt25 or dt50 amps. probably some where around $1500

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Thanks guys. Ya that was it. I teach at the first school that got hit straight on. Had my amp and guitar in the car. I was going to play guitar with a student for the talent show. My wallet is slim. I had a 30 watt Crate. It did the job. I did that trick (I either learned it on here or in the manual) where you listen to the POD through headphones to get it's natural sound then you can try and match that when connected to the amp. I would have thought Line 6 would have made their Spider amps to have a bypass or something to hand everything over to the PODs. Yes toneman, I already have the XTL. Luckily I didn't take that with me. Thanks for your help guys!!!!

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