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XD-V75 and RELAY G55


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godmorning to everyone !! ....

I use a Relay G55 for my guitar and we have a XD-V75 for the singer with a V75 Sc Mic,

I have to say that the sound of the mic is great, the singer is very happy now ....

the G55 is also great, maybe is better than a cable ....

but we have a problem, the signal is lost very often also at 2 or 3 meters,

it happens in open space and even indoors .

So I would like to use the antenna P 180 or P 360.

I have two questions :


What is the difference between P180 and P 360 ? One is directional on 180 degrees and the other is omnidirectional at 360 degrees ?

what you suggest to use ?


Can I use these antennas connecting together the XD-V75 and Relay G55 ?

I mean :

the XD-V75 has the out plug for antenna, so my idea is :

Connect the XD-V75 to the P 360 through the Antenna A & B - Connect Relay G55 from it's antenna plug to the Antenna Out of XD-V75

Is this correct ?


Thank you,



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I'm guessing your problem if that you are running one or both of your systems in RF2 mode. Make sure they are both running if RF1 mode.


That said you you could use one pair of paddles to,run both your receivers as you have outlined.

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