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OK Whats NEXT ??!!

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Hey All :)


I have decided after all these years to properly learn guitar.

Its been a blast and I am loving it. I have progressed

past two chords and a whistle to the point that I actually

care what I sound like.



I have to admit the electronic of things is a bit intimidating.

I feel like a 45 year old child haha.


I use an Epiphone 339 through a 75W Line 6 Spider 4.

I also have Reaper trial software on a pc thru a Blue Nessie mic.


I am seeking advice from the experts as to what's next ?


How about these floor "things" ???

Will it make understanding and using the amp easier ?

Which one is worth getting ?


I rarely leave the man cave but I can for see a time when

I venture out into the light and play with other real people.


I would appreciate any advice :)



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So are you wanting to get involved in a band? I guess you'll need to give a few more details as what you see yourself doing in the future before people can give you useful recommendations.

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"Floor things" - I assume you mean foot pedals/controllers.

If you don't have an FBV MkII controller, that means you cannot update the firmware in the amp (the Infusion update of several years ago has to be downloaded and installed in the amp).  These controllers also give you access to Spider Edit - being able to edit your sounds on the computer, and save them to your amp, and to download preset patches from other users.

A controller like the Express or Shortboard also gives you some other options - changing presets on the fly, and wah/volume pedal (and more with the shortboard - being able to turn on/off certain parameters).

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Heres my worth.I played lots in the 90s,had a total guitar cessation until 2011 then started again and got the spider4-75 which im still using and gigging with.

I have the FBV express pedal and its fun having the wah pedal on board.

The most home enjoyment I get is downloading backing tracks from the pc and using the mp3 input on the spider to play along with the tracks.Had lots of fun adding extra colour to these.

I would advise a fbv pedal to get most amp potential but think I would try for a used one from ebay as new ones are pricey.

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