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Guitar Amps, Effects & Emulation Thread


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Obviously I'm not a mod of this forum, but i thought it would be cool start a tread that is only for posting how-to's in regards to taking other company & brand stomp boxes and emulating them on the HD500 & HD500X.  Reason is,  i chose to invest my money in the HD series gear, but i really love the sounds of the external effects pedals as well.  Especially the Strymon stuff  and on the amp side the Matchless amps as well as other amps like Bad Cat!  But i don't want to buy all those effects or amps if the HD500(x) can do the same things!  


So i don't really have any other pedals or amps to start this tread off with but i'd be happy to start off with a request.


1. Is it possible to make a micro pog similar setting in the HD's?  I know there is an octsynth thing that I've used quite a bit but it doesn't sound quite as nice as the micro pog.


So there you go 1st question up!





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Everyone's gear sounds different, so as soon as you put settings from one persons ear and gear into another ones, it's going to sound different. It's a noble pursuit, but probably going to be tough to gain traction.


Also, there is a separate forum just for tone settings on this site. This may get moved there.

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