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Guitarport to UX1/2

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Hi All

I am an age old user of the Guitarport, i have been using it for many MANY years (at least 9).


Anyway, i was thinking of upgrading to something newer, I notice that there is the UX1 and UX2. I wouldn't be doing any vocals etc so the UX1 is probably what i require.


As far as tone is concerned, is there more by upgrading. I see that the UX1 comes with Pod Farm 2, i already use Pod Farm 1 but just wondering what effects etc i would get by upgrading.


Any one care to chip in?

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The only difference between PF1 and PF2 is that with PF2 you can put the effects in any order.  No additional effects unless you purchase the model packs, which could also be used with PF1.  There is no difference in tone between GuitarPort and UX. 

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Problem is that using the X3 is a bit of a pain in a desktop situation sadly,


One thing i need to ask about the UX1 is that i use my computers (good but not studio monitors) speakers, with the guitarport the unit itself is used as an external sound card with the speakers connected to the guitarport and the guitarport connected to the Mac via a headphone cable, is this the same set up on the UX1 (i think i need a small to large adapter going in the headphone socket on the front).

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