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New Video - Increasing the "Loudness" of your system

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Great information Don! 

We got through the 2014 National Oldtime Fiddlers' Contest and Festival with flying colors thanks to the innovations of Line 6.

The engineers we hired were old-school analog folks and were pretty sceptical at first. When they saw what was available under the hood and how fast it was to tweak settings we had instant converts to the world of digital mixing.

One of the bands we mixed (Chicken Dinner Road) requires 16 inputs for a 5-piece bluegrass band. They were so impressed with their sound that they are planning to buy a system for their self-mixed gigs.

Our little town now has a year-round sound reinforcement solution available. We did sound at an outdoor wedding two weekends ago and next week we're hosting the Idaho Sawtooth Bluegrass Association's annual bash at Slocum Hall and the Heritage Center. Our new sound systems helped seal the deal!

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We also use ours for bluegrass and traditional acoustic music, and we are equally impressed with how well suited this little desk is. Very quick to tweak things, and the iPad adjustment from the audience position is a revelation!

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Hi! Just wondering, would the 'Boomy Room' preset be good for a room with hard walls, floor and a high ceiling? I'm thinking of a large sports hall, or a converted stone barn. We've done both of these type of venues as a 3 piece and 5 piece band and had to work really hard to get a good sound. If there's a preset that might give us a better starting point then I'm up for trying it! 

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Probably ... it is somewhat dependent on the size of the room.  At least it should be a good starting point. The problem in these rooms is that exactly where you stand will determine how much low bass you hear.  Move a bit more than a meter away and the difference could be 20 dB in the level of 50 Hz.



 Once the room is bigger than about 2000m3 (70,000ft3) it won't matter as much.  Especially if the smallest dimension of the room is more than 6m (18ft).  Remember that in small rooms the acoustics will play a big part in the sound of the room and you cannot successfully make much change with EQ.  It requires acoustic treatment.  In really big rooms the acoustics don't matter much and outdoors the sound is not affected (unless you get bounce back from walls, etc.

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