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Setlists, Banks, And Abcd Strategies


I originally planned on using setlists for different, um, sets. And then I’d select different banks for different songs, 16 banks is plenty for my sets. Then, within a song, a can select ABCD patches for different parts of the song – clean, crunch, lead, and maybe a high-gain lead or something. Then I also have FX 1, 2, 3 & 4 when I need something special for each of the 4 ABCD sounds. Sounds like a plan.


I decided to save one of the 1,2,3,4 slots by relying on amp models for my distortion, like selecting between Soldano clean, crunch, and high gain. That way, I select ABCD for the type of distortion and use 1234 for delay, chorus, tremolo, and some other effect (compression, noise gate, reverb are always on – no need for a 1234 switch on those).


The problem I’m finding is it takes 15msec for a new ABCD patch to load in (I measured it). This is too long. I can’t always anticipate the timing to punch it in, or I don’t have that much time. The audio is muted during this 15msec and you hear it when I switch between, say, clean rhythm to scorching lead.


So, now I’m thinking about going back to 1-8 FX buttons and just bank selecting between songs. But then I’m stuck with a single amp model, which is workable I suppose by using more of the FX buttons to switch in different distortion FX, but not as flexible.


So my question for the group is: what is your strategy in using setlists, banks, ABCD patches, and 1234 switches. How do you use them? Are you stuck with a single amp model for a given song? How do you overcome the 15msec audio mute when switching ABCD patches? When do you use ABCD patches and when do you use 1234 FX switches?


Thanks for any insight you can provide me.

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I do not organize my patches. They get put in slots as they are created. The reason for this......I use an app for the iPad called set list maker. http://www.arlomedia.com/apps/setlistmaker/main/home.html it allows you to catalog your songs and then put them into set lists. One of the attributes of the Song is a midi command that you can create that will select the patch you want on your pod.


So, with my iPad in place. When ever I touch the song in the setlist it selects the patch. So, I have ultimate flexibility.

Can you share the information on what you are using for connecting SLM with the HD500, as o am having problems using a standard MIDI to USB cable.


I think that set list maker is the way forward to keep patches easy to find for all gigs.

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