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Amplifi - support for old POD Pro Floorboard


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Has anyone had success (or failure) using old/legacy Line6 Floorboard from POD Pro setup? (see attached picture)


I'm considering getting the Amplifi amp and hoped my Floorboard would work.  Any suggestions on top 2 pedal options (I like having 2 pedals for VOL and WAH)? 



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That board isn't compatible. Line 6 used to make the FBV Longboard that had two onboard expression pedals, but I'm nearly certain that it isn't officially supported as working with Amplifi, either. I do imagine, though, that it could be used to change presets and turn effects on and off, but you'd also have a lot of buttons that don't do anything. I'm not sure if the two pedal would work separately as volume and wah or not.


The official supported way to do what you want is to get one of the FBV pedals, either the older ones or MKii versions. The FBV MKii controller allows to you add an external expression pedal. So that would be the way to separate wah and volume.

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