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TonePort UX2 has no Sound? And Recording issues?

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Hello! I'm having some serious issues with the Line 6 TonePort UX2 model interface. I have gearbox all set up along with Reaper as well to start tracking guitar, bass, drums, etc. But whenever I plug my guitar into the Instrument Input (i.e. Normal input on the front) I get no sound coming from my computer. I'm not sure if the 1/4-inch headphones are really required in order to run the system through a computer and listen to it, or if I can just listen to what I'm play directly through the interface to the computer. So my questions are as follows:


1. How to I get sound out of my interface to my computer to listen to what I'm doing in real time? 

2. What would be the proper settings to set on the interface to listen to what I'm doing through the speakers on the computer?


I'd also like to know how to record what I'm doing. Whether I have to record through gear box to reaper, or record a track separate on gear box, then master it on reaper?


3. How do I record with the TonePort UX2?

4. How do I get it set up with/through the reaper program?

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1 & 2 - The way I do it is to connect the 1/4" analog outs to my PC's AUX input.  That allows me to monitor in real time.  Adjust the volume controls to suit yourself.

3 & 4 - In Reaper, set the UX-2's ASIO driver as your input.  Create a track.  Mute the track to avoid latency echo.  Arm the track by pressing the red "record" button.  Press "play" to record.  After you've recorded the track, remember to unpress the "record" button, and unmute the track.

5 - Read the UX2 manual.  It has good information

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This is the way I use a UX2 with GearBox:


Monitor with the UX2's Heaphone out, plug it into an amp using the headhone out or analog out, plug in the USB and record with RiffWorks and/or Ableton Live Lite 8. Also, I've used the SPDIF out with no problems. I have no latency issues this way. I've also run the analog into the mic input of my PC and recorded with windows "sound recorder" and got good results.


Looks like BigChase52 has the best way if your using Reaper as I haven't tried Reaper yet, and yes read the manual from time to time it's good info.

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