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Hey There,


You are going to have to provide more info if you want someone to help you.


Trouble? such as? Comms and settings?


You should list your OS and what type of midi/usb cable.



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Sorry .

The pc is running xp and is connected to the Pod 2.1 with 3m MIDI cables.

This goes to an M-Audio 2496 card in the pc.

The pc just hangs (freezes) for a minutes or 2 sometimes or. just hags until i use taskmanager to exit

I've tried Line 6 edit 3.06 and 3,04 so far but they seem to do  the same.

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With WinXP I just plug in a MAudio Uno and the latest version L6E just fires up. It may be that the USB interface is causing the problems you are experiencing.


Wish I could be of more help but I have no experience with that PC Card.


If you could borrow a pair of cables you could try connecting it directly and see if "its all good".



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