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Inconsistency In Volume Levels Between Tones

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Hi, I have had a POD XT Live for several years now but I have never gotten into using it live as I originally intended because I find that the volume levels from tone to tone are so inconsistent I am afraid of blowing people out or being too quiet when I switch from one factory-preset tone to another.  I can't understand why, for example, if I go from the Treadplate tone to, say, the That's All Right Mama tone, it changes volume from blown-eardrum nuclear bomb level to whispering from two towns over level.  What gives?  is there something wrong with my device?  Am I doing something wrong?  I know I can go into each tone and save new levels but I can't believe they wouldn't just set them consistently in the first place.  Does anyone else have this experience and problem, or is it just me? 

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change the levels and resave them....

the trick is leave the master alone...

use the channel/drive to set the volume and then save...

once they are leveled as you like...(some would be intentionally louder for leads or quieter for other passages)

then the master will raise and lower them all to the relative level.

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 I had the same problem things jumping all over the place and barely touching tone/volume knob, it would give me twice the tone making it hard to balance on stage, but was not happening in their (line6 presets) models. Then "duh" I moved the tone volume and hit the save button, and everything fell into place. Such an easy little thing to fix! I hope this helps and I guess what i am saying is when you make a change in volumes, amps,tones don't forget to save.(small left hand button hit twice)

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