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Pod XT Live floor model and Gearbox

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For a few years I've used customtone to download patches directly into my unit and it's what made the POD stuff exemplary for me.


Yesterday I tried and it gives me a black screen with 3 links on it - that don't work.

What happened to gearbox?  Is there another version I should use or something?  Please tell me it isn't discontinued or something.


It says Guitarportonline is no longer an active service


I went thru re-authorizing everything with license manager already and updating with monkey


Please help - I love my XT Live.. 

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Hey my man - guitarport is no longer.


Customtone is still there. I usually download a few and put them in via Gearbox off the hard drive. Try DL'ing the patch to your hard drive first then load it up that way.  


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Thank you for the answer - even tho it sucks.


It was way nice to just download them straight into the box to try them out.  I spent many many many hours doing that - then saving the ones I liked.


Why would they discontinue a great function like this???


Are they trying to push us to newer models and do the newer models have that function?


This was the thing that made me love this unit SO much more than my previous Boss unit.

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Do you mean all the entire database of a gazillion patches?


FWIW in case someone else wonders I just called support and he said yes you have to save them to your computer and to use Line6 Edit and drag and drop them.




one of those cases where newer isn't always better - "update" stuff and kill great functions

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Yep - it is crazy. Every patch my man, be sure to create a new folder and copy the ones you like into it as you go along. It will save you time later trying to remember "what was the name of that one?..." :rolleyes:

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