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Line 6 Wishlist Items


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Hey Line 6-ers.   I've been a devotee for AGES, and I just thought I'd chime in on a Product I want to see Line 6 create.


I Use a PODHD 500 for live gigs and have since they were released.  I use the 4CM, and don't use any of the amp simulation.  Because I love the sound of my amp. 


I've thought aboput trading across for an M13, since I only use the effects - but I still want/need for live gigs, the flexibility of more that 4 effects at once, and still flexible routing.  AND 2 expression pedals like the old Flextone and Vetta Floorboards used to have.


I thought it would be SICK to recommend a new product - and I'm interested to hear your suggestions for Line 6.


Introducing - the M25PRO HD Stompbox Moddler.





- Up to 16 simultaneous FX, with flexible routing options.

- Flexible FX Loop placement

- Comprehensive I/O for live gigs - (FX Loop, ins/outs - pretty much like the M13)

- Dual expression Pedals with Toe switch (Like POD HD)

- Standard Line 6 Effects Selection (Everything that comes with M13)


And here's the kicker:

- Custom Effects:  Kemper-style Profiling of your favorite pedals, and settings.  So if you have vintage, or specific pedals you use, and you want to condense them into one device for a gig - you could record an IR of your own pedals and load them into the unit (Presumably 48 memory spots for custom effects.)


I want one now.


Grunge on!


And don't say - Get an's not the same thing.  I don't want 8.5 million different amps, and effects and a $3500 price tag.


But I'd easily pay $1000 - $1500 for a pedal board like this from Line 6.



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No - already have one - and it doesn't fit the need I'm trying to fill.


Talk to me when you have to haul an AxeFX, guitars, MFC, Amp, etc. to anywhere from 2-5 gigs per week, with a few flyaway's every month for USO tours, Casino gigs, etc.


AxeFx is awesome - I'm not saying I don't like them - I'm saying I don't need that much headache or horsepower for every gig I's impractical.  Cool, but Impractical.


It's easier to take my POD HD on Flyaways - cause you never know what your amp setup will be, and what the venu can get for you - so you can have consistent good tones, in a single box.


For home gigs - I don't want to take more gear than is necessary.  Keep it simple, Keep it awesome.


Besides - the AxeFx stroking is for the Fractal Audio forum - I want Line 6 input here.


Rock on Man!

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How about this one on for size?


Key distinguishing factors from the HD 500x?


1 - Dual expression pedals with the toe activation switch.

2 - up to 16 effects at once.

3 - More buttons to assign to FX

4 - Full MIDI control functionality. (can control other devices, and be controlled by other devices)

5 - Clean Boost mod, always available at the push of a button NOT asigned to one of the 16 effects - it's like the looper - always available.

6 - fully integrated 4-Cable method inputs/outputs with Hard-Wired FX Loop - no FX loop that takes up a Mod.


I want it.




Rock On.

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I would like to see Line 6 put out a multi-track Guitar Workstation like the old GNX4s. I would take it in HD300 version (L6 GW300) - so the left over processor power could run a looper, drums, flash memory an all in one sit down and record floor board with usb for DAWs, deep editing.


A fancy lad can dream!


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A stereo 1X12 combo amp (like AMPLIFi) with full HDX capabilities built in that supports Variax by VDI and L6 link for floorboard and external speaker connections.  Incorporate the L series electric and acoustic capabilities and even the mixer too for backing tracks or vocal input along with DI and digital recording outs.


In other words a stereo L2t with HD PRO capabilities in a small combo amp format.

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