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How does tone controls work?


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I tried out both AMPLIFI 75 and 150 in a music store the other day. I wanted to hear the quality of these two systems as "home music players".


BUT nothing happened to the sound, when we manipulated the tone controls (Bass, Mid, Treble).

Do these controls only work on the guitar signal? If so, this degrades the unit as a music player, I think.


The setup was this: A mobil phone (a Sony model, I think, it was not mine) connected to the AUX in playing MP3 files (I guess it was MP3s).

No guitar input.


Will the tone controls work differently, if the music is streamed from an iPad? Can you control the Bass, Mid og Treble from the app when streaming music?


Best regards



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The tone controls only affect the amp model in the tone, so, yeah, they only apply to the guitar signal. As far as the EQ for streaming music, it would depend on the app you're using. The Amplifi app itself doesn't have an EQ for the streamed music.

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Thanks for the EQ info, however, these -- and all others I've seen -- seem to be mp3 track or program (i.e., iTunes) specific.


Does anyone know of any iphone/ipad app that lets you EQ the output from the devices regardless of whether it's an mp3 track, Pandora, or Spotify, etc., Something that can just sit in the background and sends out an EQ'd sound for whatever sound is outputting from your iphone/ipad device.

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