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G50 relay dropout every 15 seconds or so

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Just got a new g50 wireless, and am having troubles with it.


Every 10->20 seconds, the audio signal cuts out for around a second, and then comes back.


Tried it with several guitars, in several locations and at both close/extreme ranges. Tried it in RF1 and RF2 mode. Tried every available channel.


Tried several different sets of batteries in the transmitter (including the ones that were provided in the box), no change.


Here's a video of the LED display when the unit drops out:


Notice how the signal is 3 green and then switches momentarily to 3 red, then back to green. This is when the drop outs occur (this happens twice in this video). In the video, I have the transmitter in another room (I was checking it wasn't overloading or something), and nothing plugged into either the transmitter or receiver. However, this happens with the transmitter at any range, and obviously still happens with a guitar/amp connected. I imagine this is where the receiver is re-syncing with the transmitter, and therefore not a cable issue etc.


The power supply I'm using is a T-Rex fuel tank chameleon, which can provide 9V DC 300ma on a single isolated supply, which is what the receiver is spec'd for. I don't have an official power supply (I bought the unit in the USA, but live in the UK), so I've ordered a 9V 500ma supply (as what is supplied with the unit) to test that, but I feel that it probably isn't the problem.


This has now taken up far more of my time than I can tolerate, getting a wireless is supposed to make things easier but so far it's been nothing but a pain. Any ideas what I can try to resolve this? I'd like to avoid sending it back, as I'd have to ship it to the USA I imagine.


Since having these troubles I've noticed a lot of threads where people are experiencing similar issues; is there no cure for this problem?

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P.S. I also tried it in RF1 and RF 2. Multiple rooms, multiple channels, around the house, even outside. I turned off the WiFi modem all to no avail. It's because so many people are having this issue that I think there is a general problem. I will be trying to return it tomorrow to the store where I bought it. I'm so disenchanted I think I will try for a refund and seek another solution.

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