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Reload firmware


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This is a long shot, but maybe someone knows a solution.

While we were away, our power line was hit by lightning.

Even though it was on a surge protector, my Spider IV 150 was affected.

(Just for reference, another surge protector also let me down while the RCA (yes RCA) unit we had for the washer/dryer sacrificed itself but protected the electronics in those appliances).


Anyway, now the Spider never fully boots up.  It turns on, then the display just cycles around every 8 seconds with a flash.  I tried resetting by pressing A while powering up, but no luck.  I tried connecting via the MkII but, no surprise, the Monkey never sees the Spider.


I'm hoping I just need a way to completely reload the firmware.  Is that at all possible for a reasonably technically competent end user?

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