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I have an l2t speaker being driven with my Pod HD500x using a single 1/4" cable from the unbalanced output and into the line input of the l2t. I'm using the 'line' setting on the HD500x.  I've been using it now in my band for about 4 months and never had a problem before last night.  We typically play fairly loud during practice (seems like I have to really crank it to hear over the drummer).  To give you an idea how loud, the master level is typically set at around 1 o'clock and the master output on the HD500x is around 2 o'clock.  The modeled 'patch' amps for the HD500x are typically around 75% cranked.  So the story is last night after about 1 1/2 hours of playing, it just cuts out and stops playing anything.  I waited for a few minutes and it started making sounds again, then seemed to be playing fine for about a minute -- then stops playing anything again.  The 2nd time when it started to come back to life, it was very faint -- like it was struggling to do anything.  The speaker was facing me so I couldn't see it the master 'limit' light was coming on.  I'm assuming if I was overdriving it, the limiter would simply clip the sound which isn't what happened - -it simply stop playing anything although the light in the front was on.  Therefore, did I overheat it and it shuts down for safety?  If that's the case, do I simply need more power? -- i.e., do I need TWO l2t's or say one l3t?   


Thank you

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I have been gigging with one L2m for more than 6 months and haven't seen this issue, but it sure sounds like you are playing a lot louder than I do. The gigs I do consist of 4 45 minute sets, so it does get used for a long duration.



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If the signal is cutting out it is not from overheating. It is most likely a cable/ connection. When the speaker is overheating the limiter threshold is adapted so that the input is lowered gradually- it does not just cut out. It also needs to be VERY hot before that happens. How was the outside temerature when this happened?

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