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Website spec error?

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Under the 'Learn More' tab on feedback supression:


"The feedback analyzer can be set to one of three modes, depending on how aggressively the analysis will seek out potential feedback frequencies"


There seems to be two modes, not three? Universal and Vocal - yes?


Also... the FBS mode set in a SETUP does not seem to be saved after a re-start, even as a 'Scene'. Is there a way to select, say, 'Universal' mode as the default. Presently 'Vocal' seems to be the default setting.

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The vocal setting assumes you aren't interested in any low frequencies and so it may clamp down on music when there is no feedback. Universal assumes full range music.


I would only use vocal if I was doing speech reinforcement myself.

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So is there away to save 'Universal' as a default? Currently I am noting it reverts to 'Vocal' all the time and you have to go in and re-set to 'Universal'.


This occurs even with saved Scenes.


I'm using the M20d but not with Line 6 speakers, incidentally.

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