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Iphone/ipad Midi Controller Interface For Hd500 ?

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Hi All ,


I have a HD500 and i want to know if anyone had built a MIDI controller template for switching Banks,programs and more control of all patches ?


There are many MIDI designers and controller apps for iPhone and iPad and i think it would be convenient to have MIDI controlling the presets on the HD and M fx. There are apps like TouchOSC , Lemur , Control , Midi Designer etc that can be used to build custom MIDI interfaces.


I did a quick test with Midi Designer Pro and was able to send a Bank Change and Program Change and have the HD500 swtich to the right preset. Designing a flexible MIDI controlling template would be a big effort and is there a ready template for some app already built ?


Also , does the HD500 let one vary the values with MIDI also ? Can the 4 knobs be mapped to sliders in the MIDI controller interface so that it would be very easy to change presets but even parameters on the fly right from the guitar !


Any ideas / inputs welcome !




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Look here: http://line6.com/support/topic/594-control-your-line-6-hd-500-dt-50-with-ipad-with-midi-designer-app/


  • Not so many controls via MIDI, at least for what I captured using MIDI sniffers.
  • HD series is very different from other POD series; maybe that's why there are not so many controls (amps, effects, etc.) you can drive with MIDI commands.


This means podHD is therefore less controlable than the X3L or pod 2.0: http://mididesigner.com/qa/110/call-for-layouts-line6-pod-family-of-controllers?show=513#a513

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