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Footswitch not working


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So my M13 is 4 yrs old. I've been playing it regularly and lo and behold one of the foot switches (UNDO) has ceased to work. Bastard.

I have seen many posts here over the last few years about broken footswitches but never read them when mine were working. Now it seems to me to be a feature of the M series.

Should I just get the footswitch replaced?


Should I save up the cash and find someone willing and able to replace all the switches? I've come across two sites  JHV3.Com and R3FX.Com that do this but I'm in Ireland and they are not.

Does anyone know of reliable Irish or English based companies who do this kind of thing?


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Do you have any soldering skills? Any soldering tools?.A friend who does?The stock switches are not hard to replace. The tough part is getting at them.I have replaced a few on my older M13 and they work fine.I don't use it enough to spend 300 dollars on it for switches but if it was my bread and butter I would. Look up the how to repair the Line 6 MM4 Delay video and that guy shows a good technique you can apply to the M13.


Good Luck!

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Hi folks,


I really want to replace my M9 footswitches just like the JHV3 mod.


I've found brief guides online for the M5 and M13 switch replacement like (this one here) but could really do with a detailed guide for an M9.  It's the LEDs and the top row that I worry about.


Does anyone have any more info or guides on this they can share? I'd love it if JHV3 could let me know how they do it!






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