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Presets For Lynch Mob Or Zakk Label?


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I've been looking on this site for George Lynch tones for a few years now, after I bought the Spider IV 150. Now, I just purchased the HD500x hoping to find a download for either unit.  I can't believe they don't have anything from Dokken / George Lynch!!  He's has one of the best tones out there, and many people are looking for a download for the equipment they already own.  Hell, if I cant dial in, or download a patch for the HD500x, I'm sending that unit back, and buying one of those cheap units that people have posted on here to of the small POD's.  This is unreal!! Black Label Society, unreal.  One guy that does a lot of tones for Line 6 is Glenn DeLaune.  He's got some really good patches to download, and sound amazing.  Check out his site here:

Hopefully to God, Line 6 will update the Spider IV's and others that don't have any Lynch the meantime, I'll use my pedals, with the amp on a clean channel and hopefully dial in something close.  If not, will sell the Spider IV cheap, and go back to my Crate Stacks, etc.

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Thanks Shadoze,

One thing I did was put the amp in manual mode, clean red, all eqs at 5, no effects, and plugged my Zoom G2G pedal (the GL mr scary pedal) in front of the amp. It really sounded great.  I dare say, it made all the factory presets on the spider IV sound kinda sterile!

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I can help with the Type o tone. I simulate kenny tone with the the UberSchall model. No pedals needed but the Classic Dist. Model with gain turned way down is awesome if you use the filter parameter to share your sound. Now that is exclusively for October Rust and Bloody Kisses tones he changed a little bit during life is killing me but should have no problem Adjusting same set up.

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