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FBV longboard pedal LEDs are dead?

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I recently discovered a problem with the pedals of my FBV longboard. When I connect it to my PodXTPro, after about 3 to 5 seconds the sound drops dead. When I unplug it again, the sound comes back. 


I tried the calibration procedure, but none of the pedal indicators (position and midi) don't change when I move one the pedals. If I unscrew the bottom and connect it then, I see some slight change.

Does this mean the LED of the pedals is dead? 



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Hey Pat,


Do you have another Pod you could check the FBV out on? 2.0, XT Bean, X3 just something to make sure its the board that has the problem?


and just to be complete, try with a different cable too. The board is powered by the XT so you can make sure its one or the other - hopefully just a cable.



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