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"I'm not playing video games, I'm mixing the band! No really!"

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Our band played a local club this last Friday and Saturday, and our soundman sat at a bar table with an iPad and ran the sound from out front. 


On both nights he had someone come up to him and start to give him trouble for sitting and playing games on his iPad while there was live music and dancing going on etc.. One woman wasn't convinced until he showed he could change the volume of the band with the iPad app.. 




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We don't have a sound man as it's typically me (guitar player) that does it while playing. So it's set it and leave it type of thing. At our gig on Friday, I passed my ipad to a buddy and gave him a 2 minute tutorial mainly on adjusting levels and let him go for it. He had several people come up to him during the night to confirm that he was controlling the sound as they said we sounded awesome all night long. He smiled and said he was just tweaking minor things here and there, which was exactly what he was doing.


This was a new bar for us so lots of new people, and we continue to get rave reviews on our sound quality. The manager could not wait to book us again.



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