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JTV-69S replacement neck for neck Fender American special

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A few days ago I changed the neck of my JTV-69S by a neck of a Fender American Special.
The guitar has improved 100%
It has a bit of work but it is easy to do

Here some photos of the two necks, the differences are in the curvature of the heel and the anchor points of the screws






The first is to close holes in the fender neck




(to be continued)

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Then you have to file the Fender neck curvature to the frets are at the same height as the original











After verifying the distance put the neck on the body and put the 1st and 6th strings to align correctly







We hold firmly to the body and neck make the holes with appropriate depth.




Keep in mind that the front screws are shorter than the rear screws





We put the screws and completed work



This is how it has been finally







Now if I love my JTV

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To mix metaphors, choosing the perfect neck is like choosing the perfect Unix editor.  I am blessed/cursed with large hands and long fingers.  No matter how carefully I played, I was always coming down on multiple strings when playing open chords on the stock JTV neck. 

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It looks awesome...I wish I had a maple neck on mine!


I just find it a bit strange, to say the least, that you kept the fender strat's like driving a bmw with a mercedes badge  :wacko:  :wacko:  :wacko:  :wacko:


Neck looks great though

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