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Jtv89 Models Not Working Properly


Hi guys,


I just received my Jtv 89 and was rather happy with it until the battery finished charging and I could finally test the modelisations.

At this point it's a huge disappointment =/ My selector just isn't working on some models. I doesn't do anything at all.

I've already tried doing a factory reset (to fw 1.90) but it was exactly the same thing. So I rolled back to 1.82, and same problem. 

I'm currently going back again to 1.90 but don't believe it will do much. 


I guess my knob is just broken or something ? 

What do you guys think ? 


(for proofs, you can watch this : https://www.dropbox.com/s/wkl3w1z8uqougz1/VID_20130608_135042.mp4)


Thanks :)

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First thing i'd recommend is exchanging it while you can. honestly, i've seen people mess with it until the exchange option has passed and then have to take it to service...

that kind of sucks for a new guitar...

if however you bought it used or cannot otherwise exchange it, then certainly get it serviced.


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