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jackson js32 king v or line 6 pod live x3

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in a week time it is my birthday i dont know what should i get, jackson js32 king v or line 6 pod live x3.
My curreny guitar is jaxville flame (cant remember the exact name) and i have line 6 spider iv 15 amp.
Max i can pay is £200 help me out what should i get and feel free to suggest any thing better than the things i mentioned.

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Hmmmm that is a good problem to have. Well it all depends on what grabs "you" - love the King V's neck - stuck one on an old Charvel Model1 body I had - thin and fast. Spider IV 15 w is a good size for a practice amp has lots of effects - can't remember if you can use the FBV with it or not. You should check that out as it will allow some versatility and freedom. If you get the X3L you should have an amp to play it through - does the Spider IV have an effects loop? if so you could use that if not well a decent 25 - 40 watt amp would go nicely (be sure it has an FX loop) my old Peavey Studio Pro 40 still loves the Pod. BUT if your current guitar is so-so well it goes without saying doesn't it.


So in essence I would say yes I agree - you do need to sit back and think about it  ;)

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Well my man you have some good news then. The FBV (in the 4, shortboard or longboard) offer tone management on the fly. Nice clean intro to a tune, swirling chorus and all that, then click nice heavy crunch for a refrain, click solo boost, click back to clean - no knob twistings. Besides you can use the FBVs on the ProXT, XT Bean, X3 Bean etc if in the future you need more watts :)


I would say yes, you "should" have an amp with an FX loop but not totally. I use a small 10-15w Park (Marshall made FWIW - basic amp no frills - no FX loop) upstairs so I don't get "The Boss" all ruffled. As there is no FX loop all tones (low, mid, high) are set at 5 and I plug straight in the front. It is OK but the signal still goes through the preamp. A nice Solid State amp (12" speaker, FX loop -  think Peavey -> I still love them) used should not cost you much - But you have to add that to the X3L price. I have an old Spider III which sounds quite bad if you try to use any pedals in the front and I doubt the X3L would be any better with the SpiderIV btw.


The Spider IV should be able to wail out any given variety of metal/clean. FBV adds flexability. Add guitar great from home jamming.


IF you are going to get with the lads for some high volume basement jamming - the 15w spider will be too small IMO (unless its mic'ed for a PA). So you go back to getting an amp with some more balls - 40 watts is about as low for SS as I would go (I don't mention tubes as that is another price category btw).


So it really depends on what you have planned so:


a) You are getting your chops together and mainly just play at home -> stick with the Spider IV (add a used FBV later if you can swing it) - consider used guitars too - I love ESP.


b) You have your chops and are going to be jamming with buddies - 1) amp 2) effects - multiFX of any brand like an FX loop.


IMO If you are in "a" cool get a decent used guitar, learn and save up some cash to get ready for "b". If you are in "b" -> amp-> multiFX of your choice.


You have seen the word used quite a bit - awesome way to spread the cash around - but know your prices and try the stuff out don't get buggered.


I know decisions, decisions!


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