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More XLR inputs - pros and cons of 2 m20ds

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So I am in a quandary about whether to purchase a second m20d vs an analog mixer. I know the obvious benefits of the dsp, etc., per channel of having 2 m20ds, but am concerned about the potential delay of having too many A/D conversions going on in the recommended setup in the FAQs (the main outs of the first into 2 channels of the other)...


What are your thoughts? Would it be a better option to purchase a 16 ch. analog board or another m20d? I'm looking to mix 16 ch. of vocalists and drama mics (lavs and headsets) in addition to a full band.



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I don't think the added latency will cause you much difficulty. The only time it is an issue is with the use on In Ear Monitors and then only with some performers. Otherwise a small latency is usually a benefit in a PA system.


If you happen to also be using XDV wireless the latency there is 3 times more than you will be adding by adding a second M20d to your setup. There are 100,000 of them being used with no problem.

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