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POD UX2 not working

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I buy my POD UX2, I follow the instructions to install it (all right, and I've used other POD UX2 above) when I open cubase and add the audio track, no signal detected guitar works, only signal when streaming a song or choose a preset from midi drums, when I open the Gearbox or Pod Farm potentiometers do not work, no signal, as if you were dead.


SO Windows 7 64Bits

Any solution?

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Have you tried a different USB cable?  If that doesn't work, how about a different USB port?  Last resort, how about trying the UX2 on a different PC?


Have you installed the latest version of Line 6 Monkey? When you run Monkey, are all the check marks green?

I've tried everything you mention it, I think this damaged

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It is very rare that only the audio output sounds, drums midi, vst instrument itself ...... but no signs, no signal, no sound ....... no sign of activity Audio.

I rule out USB cable, jacks, tested on another computer ......

This is the settings on my computer:






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Hey Daniel,


It looks like the UX2 is detected by Windows and installed. So L6 License Manager and Monkey detected it? PodFarm too?


When PodFarm is started it plays through that fine?




Is the problem that Cubase is not picking up the guitar signal? If so you might have to go into Cubase Settings and choose UX2 as the input - never used Cubase so I am guessing a bit.



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Well if the "hands" move it is seeing a signal. I would try it into an amp but be sure to turn the UX2's volume down first.


Other than that my man, unless you can answer the questions posted above, it looks like you should be talking to the place/person you got it from. Hopefully they can help you set it up or at least confirm whether it is functional or not.

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