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Build 1 * 12 Cabinet for Spider Valve MKII 112

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Hi Guys,


I want to build a 1*12 cabinet for my Spider Valve MKII 112. I want to know what speaker should i use for this.

I red my amp is using 12" speaker Celestion Vintage. On the web I see this 2 Celestion speaker Celestion Vintage 30 - 8 Ohm and  16 Ohm

for both the spec says 60w  


Should I am wondering if i choose this speaker as well for my cab ?



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ok so you CANNOT use a 16 ohm speaker, you have to go with the 8 ohm no matter what brand or model you choose.  you can stick with the Celestion Vintage or you could get creative and use a different speaker that will complement the stock internal Celestion but with a different tone.  Do your research, there are lots to choose from, Celestion, Eminence, and one of my favorites Warehouse Speakers...







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You can also build a 2x12 cab using two 16 ohm speakers wired in parallel to give you an 8 ohm load. I use a sealed 2x12 Marshall with G12T-75's and my open backed combo on top. The sealed cab gives you the extra thump missing from the combo. We call it a pyramid of doom! A good combination is using the V30 from the SV and a Celestion G12H.


cgtrox B)

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