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Screamer set to high gain adding sub octave?


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Hi all,


Please confirm I'm not going crazy. I added a screamer and set the gain to maximum, and when I play it I quite distinctly hear a sub-octave being added.  I have a second screamer in the chain set to lower gain, and I hear it - but lower - in that one as well. There are no octave pedals in my chain.  I do have my amp turned up a bit, and I also have a Vetta comp at 73%.  I'm playing into the front of the amp, and I only hear the sub being added with the screamer(s), not with anything else.


Can anyone else reproduce this ?  Is this intentional, and it's just how screamers add drive ? Or is this a glitch or some unintended consequence ?  I've never played with a real tube screamer, so I honestly don't know how they're supposed to perform.





Edit: I forgot to mention that this is a POD HD 500 (Not an 'X') runnign the current latest firmware.

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If anyone else wouldn't mind trying to reproduce this, I would appreciate it.  I don't mind the sound and actually plan on keeping it, but it was quite unexpected. It's not a particularly loud suboctave - not like you would hear on an octave fuzz - but it's definitely present on my system.  Thanks !

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So, I'd appreciate a bit of help from this large community.  All I'm asking is that someone add a screamer to a patch, turn up the gain on it all the way, turn your amp up a smidgen and then post back whether they hear a sub-octave being added or not.  If you have your equipment setup and turned on it should take all of 30 seconds.  Thanks!!

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I have heard this too with my cousin's TS9,

I was playing through his system and I kept asking "wheres the octave coming from?"


I am surprised its not mentioned much, if at at all.

This is the only mention I've seen on the net.


I dig the mild octave and may build a clone or whatever.

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