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Toneport GX serial number unreadable

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Hi all,


First post over here. Here's the situation : I'm using a Toneport GX, had it for several years now (it was a birthday present, if I remember well for 2009).

Recently I had quite a number of BSOD problems when plugging/unplugging the hardware. Monkey tells me the driver is outdated, but I have to register the GX. Which I'd happily do - but the serial number on the back of the thing is half-erased and there is no way to tell what it was. I do have an ESN but it doesn't seem to help - Am I doomed to a faulty GX ? I did buy another interface from another brand trying to replace the GX but I get weird reverb issues with it and am much happier using my old Line 6 box, only I never know when it will work and when it won't ...


Thanks !

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IIRC isn't the serial number automatically filled in when the L6 License Manager does its authorization? I have an old Gearbox like that and I think that is how I ended up finding it out as the sticker was fairly mangled (the complete # at least).


If you eventually need one - support or such - the L6 Support guys will help you out via the ole Support Ticket. 

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