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L6 Pod Studio UX2 - Need to reboot serval times per day

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Im using LINE 6 POD STUDIO UX2 with my DAW - Reaper.

Whenever Reaper crashes, I get the "There was an error while opening your audio hardware: Error initializing ASIO driver" statement. 

My line 6 UX2 interface cannot be reinitialized in Reaper without reattaching it. But the UX2 interface works fine with all other programs.

Is there a way to reinitialize asio for UX2 in Reaper without having to reboot everytime? (I'm running 32 bit windows 7 - I have the same OS on my notebook and the problem does not occur there so the UX2 is not broken). 

My sample rate is 128 on UX2 and reaper project, but this issue occurs regardless of what sample rate I use. 

I've searched the forum for solutions to this but haven't found one. I did everything from the sticky topic.

It's a bit tiring... Any solutions I am missing???


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Have you tried disabling or uninstalling of any other sound device drivers on that computer? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Line 6 Drivers? If something like what you have going on happens to me I have to reboot, I've tried disabling the driver to renable it and it doesn't work, usually I have to press and hold the power button on my 'puter until it "shuts down hard" in order to get going again.

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Can you reproduce the Reaper crash?

Is there a certain thing you do in Reaper that causes the crash?


I know if I disconnect my UX while Reaper is using it it may BSOD, I wonder if somethong elsa is tryting to grab control of that USB port.

OR it may be a power management setting on your pc.


I get the ASIO error when opening Reaper and I am using a different device.

Just a long shot, but try saving your Reaper project before it crashes and see if you still get the error when opening.

Of course that does not address the crashing.

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