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My PODxt live is no longer regognized by my PC

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My XT Live no longer is read by my PC...I tried everything, reinstalled drivers, reinstalled monkey, used several different usb cables (they worked fine with other hardware) I did not use my XT for months, but it worked fine the last time i tried nothing, no matter what I appears that my expasion packs no longer work either...please help

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Well expansion packs would be re-authorized through the L6 License Manager so no problem on that one.


So the usb connection would be the issue. 


If everything worked before it may be an issue with your PC. Try seeing if it connects to another PC (be sure not to use a usb hub).

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I've referred to these articles whenever I've had an issue w/ mine:


You may have to uninstall all the software and start over.  Make sure that you follow the instructions as to powering of the Pod.


Good luck.

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