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Podxt - Stopped Responding During Initial Sync With Line 6 Edit

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I was working with my PODxt when I got all of a sudden sync errors while syncing edited sets.

OK, after a PC restart later, the PODxt wasn't even recognized on a driver level. So I did a complete uninstall, reinstall but even with the latest drivers the PODxt was not fully installed in the hardware manager. There was an USB device with a yellow "!". The only solution to that was I had update the driver via rightclick and chose "use internet connection". This way the PODxt was finally installed and recognized.


OK, so I tried Line 6 edit, but it always stops after 17 seconds into the inital syncing process with the message:


"Your PODxt has stopped responding. Please try resetting the power and click  Refresh in the tone locker".


The POD seems to work fine, but I can't connect it to my PC anymore.


Do I have to make a factory reset?

I have some tones on the POD that I would like to keep. But I can't even make a backup via Monkey. When I try that I get an error.

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Try using another usb port on your computer. Also try a different usb cable. Make sure there are no usb hubs in your setup.

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I am facing the same issue:


Line 6 Monkey works fine and recognizes the my POD 2.0.

When I try to connect throught the Line 6 Edit, it does not work anymore.

When try to unplug and plug again my USB (I am using the recomended one: M-AUDIO MIDISPORT Uno), It recognizes for a while, but in about 3 or 4 seconds the following message appears: Title: MIDI Timeout. Message: "Your POD 2.0 has stopped to work. Please try to resetting the power and click "refresh" in the tone locker".


I already plugged it in all my USB port in the notebook.

I'm not using a USB hub.

There is no USB device plugged in the PC (besides the M-AUDIO)

Just the Line 6 Edit seems to does not work (since Line 6 Monkey worked well)

I am pressing the MIDI button on my POD 2.0

The MIDI in and MIDI out are plugged correct.


There is something I am missing?


Please, somebody help me, cause I don't know what else can I do.



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i'm getting the same error.


My setup is

POD 2.0

Macbook Pro 13" with OS X 10.5.9

USB-to-MIDI cable that worked in the past.

Line 6 Edit 3.06

Line 6 Monkey 1.70


Does anyone managed to make it works?

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