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New BackTrack - charges, but no light when plugged to guitar


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Hi guys, newly registered to ask about this (first Line6 product).


I bought a BackTrack (no Mic) from eBay, brand new, never been opened and still has the original seals on the packaging so I know it hasn't been sold faulty.


When I connect it to my computer it registers fine and the light appears to indicate it's charging. The setup utility also acknowledges the device.


But, I can't get it to record. In setup utility the setting is on Soft. I plugged my Les Paul into it, volume on 10, and then from the BackTrack to my amp. No light, and no sound from the amp either. Cables all work fine. Also tried to do a forced capture, but that didn't work either.


Is there something I can try, or does it sound faulty?

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Hey There,


I have the BT too (with the mic) love that thing it actually records real well - even live if set up right.


It usually is pretty straightforward. Charge it up until the light is white. Disconnect from computer, flip the switch all the way up to "on" when the light is blinking blue - start playing - when you are done you will see the blue light flash when the track is marked.


I've never used it while the usb was in - charging/setup mode. So try it again without the usb and double check the switch is all the way up to on (not the middle setting).




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