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Volume and bass on Amplifi 150


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I just received an Amplifi 150 today, and was very excited to give it a go.

What I am hoping is that the unit I have received is faulty as it's sound is very disappointing.

I purchased this amp, primarily for home audio use and as guitar jam tool. After watching and reading all the reviews I could find I decided the 150 model, was for me. It has been described as very, very loud with superb music playback sound. Reviewers have commented that they have not turned volume much past halfway because of its power.

I started firstly by playing songs through the amplifi app on an iPad4 through Bluetooth, with very disappointing volume and low end, I then played the same song through iTunes and adjusted eq, still very little bottom end. Next I played the same song through 6 inch monitors from the iPad, while volume was a little louder the bottom end was far more evident.

My vox 15 watt with a 10 inch speaker has more volume and bottom end, with guitar.

Anyway, feedback on this matter would be much appreciated.

Amplifi, is such a great idea, and a great tool for guitarists, I just hope it is meant to be better than the unit I have received. Thanks Rob

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I have the same setup, but iPad 3 and use iPad1 for streaming music.  We have found that it has more low end than I would like at times.  There might be something wrong with it.  Take it back to where you got it and have them check it out.  Good Luck.

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