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New neck for my JTV!

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Plays better? I wish I could just get a sunburst 69 and swap a maple neck in place, but I'd rather not have to deal with action/leveling the neck/making sure the neck doesn't interfere with tuning stability. Also the annoying warranty thing where Line 6 yells at you for any customization or personalizing of your JTV.

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Boy does it ever! I haven't even had to make any adjustments and it plays well - it was setup as best as possible with the old neck and is pretty intonated with the new one. A couple of twists on the bridge fixed that!


Other than that, I had the issue with the high string slipping off.... even a not-yet-setup neck is better than that. 


For what, just north of $100 I am in a much better state.

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A few questions please:

1. How were the fret ends (edges)? Sharp, or smooth?

2. Did you have to shim the neck to make it fit?

3. Was the nut pre-cut? If so, were the string slots cut correctly for the bridge?

4. Did you have to drill the holes yourself?



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