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HD 500 Hum I can't get rid of


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Hi all


I have battled with my HD 500 for a few years, I have posted on here previously, watched you tube videos trying to set up etc and still have issues with a Hum I can't get shot of whatever I try.


I have tried 4 cable method with a. Marshall DSL50, Tech 21 Trademark 10 watt amp and now use a Blackstar HD 60 stage.


Also gone direct into a Thomann T box pro active monitor.


I get a hum whatever setting I use even with NO amp on the HD500 and no effects ie guitar into HD500 and out into monitor.


I have played with the inputs, outputs, ground lift, pad, line,stomp settings and no change.


I have changed cables and it happens in all locations so I do not believe it to be an earthing isssue, also changed power supply.


Any ideas or do they all do it?



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I had ground loop noise when plugged into my Laptop when the laptop was also plugged into it's charger.  I switched to using the balanced XLR output to my powered speaker and it's dead quiet now.  I had the noise when plugged into the front of my combo amp but only when my laptop power supply was connected.

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