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Accessing the boost function of the DT amp via PodHd500x?


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the "boost" function is an internal amp parameter in the DT50, that boosts the signal from the preamp to the poweramp...

has nothing to do with a typical boost that you would engage or disengage while performing....

not saying it can't be done... but it's not what you think, won't give you the results you want, and shouldn't be done....

the only exception is if you're trying to build a standalone DT amp using the various parts and pieces with the DT 2.0 software....

besides... everytime you select an amp in the pod the boost will revert to it's authentically modeled correct state for that setup.

seriously... if you want a "boost" while performing... look elsewhere.


(you only have like 1000 other options built into the pod)

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