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Some Patriotic Amp Modelling on my HD500X.


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I was blessed to have been invited to perform the Star Spangled Banner on the guitar on Friday, August 1st at World Vision USA's annual summer picnic, which was held in the parking lot at our U.S. Headquarters.

I used my TFS6 guitar and my Line 6 Pod HD500X. I played it in A major, and the preset that I created uses not one but two separate models of the Eventide H3000 Harmonizer. I used the 1st harmony for a 3rd above activated by Footswitch #2, and the other for a 3rd below activated by Footswitch #3. The amp models used were the Bogner Uberschall.


You can download the preset here: and it will work on the HD, HD500, HD500X as far as I know.

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