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Line 6 Epic original amp?


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Here's what it says in the Line 6 Model Gallery:


The direct result of long nights developing HD Amp Models, our Sound Designers
(fueled by copious amounts of energy drinks) brought together forbidden combinations
of their favorite aspects of classic amplifers, plus a few secret ingredients - kind of
like a Mary Shelley novel - to come up with these Line 6 custom creations. “High
gain†is simply an understatement here. Try tweaking the Master Volume parameter to
experience the true versatility of these amps.


Line 6 Elektrik: This high-voltage, face-melting original has interactive presence &
mid-range controls, with more gain than you can shake a stick at.


Line 6 Epic: A metal-freindly beast that provides sustain for days at virtually any
playing dynamic, giving up gobs of distortion with ease.


Line 6 Doom:  Here’s a hybrid to fll a void for doom/sludge players. It’s a JCM800
preamp going into a Hiwatt® power amp with some additional tweaks, to give you
large amounts of gain and a rich, sag-induced reaction with a whole lot of bass.


I remember a while back I used to use the Line 6 Epic and liked it quite a bit, but have since moved to the Solo-100 overdrive.

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Either Epic or Elektrik was the "broken" version of Treadplate or something like that. My memory is not what it used to be and it is tricky thing to search for, but way back in early firmware versions Line 6 discovered a few problems with a load of parameters for one of the high gain models and corrected it back to how it was supposed to be.


Unfortunately some people had really liked the broken version and insisted that they wanted it back. Line 6 complied by adding the broken version as a new model.


Who says they don't listen?  :) 

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I LOVE the Epic amp model !!!!!!! Really even searing focused tone. I love it for heavy down tuned stuff. I've found it performs best when recording direct. I prefer the Engl and Bogner models when playing through my DT50. But yes i would love to know what some of the amps and aspects of their personalities were that it inspired it. Us modeling nerds are always keen to read up on that stuff !!! Great sounds amp model Line 6 !!!!!!

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