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Guitar clipping input


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Hi guys


Any advice (other than turning down my guitar) to avoid my guitar digitally distorting the AD converter in the pod?  I have switched the pad and it still sound horrible until the chord i play decays and cleans up.  Im running a lux and hi way amp with fairly clean signals and was hoping to use my over drive pedal to drive them a bit more but so far i cant get it to stop distorting digitally.  Im playing a strat with standard pickups.  When i lower the volume on my guitar and boost the drive on the amps it works fine but when i switch on my pedals it overloads the input again...  I will lower my pickups if needs be but it won't fix the external pedals problem... Help!

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Rather than fish/search for you...

There are many past, good threads on this.

To get started, "gain staging" and "output setup" is what you want to search for.


Get that info, bring us the wicked witch of the west's broomstick and then re-post if needed. ;)

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