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HD500 Delay Reverb in post position not working

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I have a serious problem setting up my signal chain.


I'm using a HD500 connected to a DT50 Head via Line6 Link. The signal chain is Guitar in - Noisgate - Wah -Amp Pre Model (-Delay -Reverb) -DT50


For some strange reason the effects post the amp simulation won't work. They show up correctly in the HD500 edit software are turned on etc. but have no effect.

Putting them before the amp works.... but sounds terrible.


Seems to me like I miss some little detail that i just can't see.... HELP !

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You have a choice of where the DT50 receives audio from the HD500's signal chain. In HD500 Edit, you can set this parameter under the "Mixer" tab. You'll see  under the L6 Link section there that you have Amp 1, Amp 2, Amp 3 & Amp 4 listed, and for each one there's two pull down menus - "Audio" and "Control". Assuming you only have one DT50, you just need to set the Amp 1 one. If you want the DT50 to amplify effects after the amp model in the HD500's signal chain, you need to make sure you select the "Left/Right" option here. This setting can also be changed without being connected to HD500 Edit. It's on page 9 of the setup menu.

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