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No microphone sound from UX1

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I purchased UX1 yesterday and I've been trying to get sound, but there's nothing coming.

I bought UX1 to get better quality for my streams that I will start on Twitch.


I've checked for other solutions on the internet, (including old posts from this forum) but nothing seem to work.

I've made sure that my settings are correct in the sound/audio settings in the control panel.

I've tested the audio in Audacity and OBS, but no sound.

I've downloaded and installed the recent drivers (from 2011 right?) but nothing.


Is there more programs or something else I need for it to work?

I got Windows 7 and my mic is Shure SM57.


It would mean a lot if any of you could help, thank you :)

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Hello! Just reviving this post so as not to create a new one, because I think I have a similar problem.


Using my UX1 and Logic Pro 9, I have no problem recording Guitars, everything works fine. But I can't get anything out of my Mic input. I plugged in a brand new SM58 mic, with a brand new xlr cable, but I hear nothing.


Is there anything I forgot to do, or is my Mic input probably broken?


Thanks a lot in advance, this is driving me crazy!

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I saw that that advice was given to spideychick, so I looked for that, but I can't seem to find where I would check that.

Must be right in front of my eyes, but I don't see it.


I checked the Preferences, no such option, and I clicked pretty much everywhere on the PodFarm, but I didn't find it. So, no I don't think the input selected is Mic.. :)

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11 hours ago, Milesrock said:

Where is the POD Farm displayed in garage band that gives me the option to select Mic ?

I'm using Sm58 Mic into UX1 Mic port with garage band and cannot get the F'n Mic to work Very aggravated!

Am I missing a piece of the UX1 software ?

Go to

And download the Podfarm 2 Advanced User Guide.

Then scroll to chapter 3•2  and read onwards.

If you are using Podfarm as a plug-in, as it sounds that you are you, need to open the Line6 AudioMidi Device and select what input you want. Set a copy of it to your desktop for easy access. If you are using Podfarm stand-alone, the option to select input is in the mixer view.

Failing that, you need to read up on how to select input in garageband.

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